Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Join Air Time Heating & Cooling on Nextdoor Public_Notice  Public Notice | My name is Laura Zarlino | My email address is | You can text me by sending our teams key word to my cell phone like this. Text: rippleteam To: 90210 | Educational Marketing is one of our teams Google+ Your Business pages. Use Nextdoor in your Local Area to connect your brand product service cause concept. Have fun. F. U. N. Fulfilling Unmet Needs Kiwanis Rocks! :) After you set up your Nextdoor account go to #php #members #nextdoor #area and register. Nextdoor & functionality requires you register just like a facebook account. For my local area please use the Southwest Licking Digital Academy facebook page. You should only see two comments there as of today. One from me & one from my husband. John's entire life has been on line so his carbon footprint in in the Big Data area. I on the other hand enjoy playing games like most of you do on line on my phone. So we have a AppshareRewards system that rewards you for your social graph just like Nextdoor. Our company mailing address is Brending LLC 1045 Pike St SW #5 Township of Etna, OH 43018-0005 | Use as the sister station to the brending networks. Brending is a neologism invented on March 9th, 2011 by "Johnny & Marko" Any Internet stuff call Coach Z aka Duke aka Internet Visionary aka Brending Klout aka my hubby John. :) Founder & Executive Director (1$ a year salary) Watkins Middle School PTO | +1 (614) 448-0090 | +1 (740) 964-9905 Tweet #brending follow #Adults_Only
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